Zoom Spike Cone Stud Earring
Zoom Spike Cone Stud Earrings Wendy Nichol Fine Jewelry Designer Barney's Barneys Simple Delicate Punk Studs solid 14k Gold Yellow Rose White Sterling Silver Handmade in NYC New York City First Second Ear Piercing hole Lower Lobe Upper Lobe Snug Tragus Helix Cartilage single indivdual stud earring

Spike Cone Stud Earring

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Measures 1/4" long x 1/8" in diameter.

Listing is for a single earring. 

Available in 14K Yellow Gold, White Gold, and Rose Gold, as well as Sterling Silver. 

Wendy Nichol pieces are handmade in Soho, NYC. Custom jewelry inquiries accepted.

Please contact our studio with inquiries and more information. 

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