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Girl in Vinyl Bodysuit

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The first offering in a new series of acrylic paintings by Wendy Nichol.

Title: Girl in Vinyl Bodysuit

24" x 24" x 2"

Acrylic on Canvas

Nichol's paintings capture the sensuality of working with and wearing certain materials, with focus on the complex experience of feminine pleasure. After years of painting on leather, Nichol has turned to canvas to express what can't be portrayed in her design practice. Specifically, Nichol's paintings explore her relationship to the subconscious, divination, and past-life experiences. Objects of Nichol's everyday, such as leather, diamonds, pearls, and latex, are the subjects of her focused portraits. When she incorporates a figure, they often remain anonymous, both objectifying the subject and focusing on their entanglement with material. Nichol paints people and objects in an editorial manner, creating a studied distance that mirrors a softcore centerfold. Her compositions and treatment of acrylic paint craft a gauzy femminine-gaze driven by accessories of pleasure both usual and unexpected.

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