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Zoom Jewels Of Intuition Event 8.31.2023

Jewels Of Intuition Event 8.31.2023

$80.00 USD
Limited capacity.  Happens once only, on 8.31.2023 6pm-8pm at Wendy's Soho Atelier.
Wendy Nichol and Rose Theodora join forces to create an intimate opportunity to immerse in a circle of crystal wisdom and astrological insight.  
On display in an expansive Soho loft, a jeweler's vault of stones. You are invited to view and buy a rare curated selection of powerful crystal gems. You will be led into guided meditation for the highest level of attunement, an up-level, chakra brightening, immersive cosmic experience. 
Wendy has acquired rare crystals and gems for this one-time event, and Rose brings us into a higher metaphysical space to select our true aligned gem frequency. 

Together, we will cover: 
Gems to accentuate realizing power, and access to energy centers in the body– high frequency and higher intelligence. 
Which gems to choose– knowing what’s right for you and where you are stepping into full Power. 
Timing, and how your Astro/cosmic make-up signals manifestation– keys for Full Power. 
• Guided meditation– to realize and embody the energetic power of gems. This is a life-changing manifesting tool to add to your Rolodex.  
• Intuitive gem selection to unlock your Power. 

• The ticket price will be a credit toward any purchase made at the event.
We’ll work directly with the current cosmic forces: 
• The Full Moon
To clear the body as a channel for a deeper connection to creative potency.
• Mercury Rx
To clear the mind so that intuition is piercing. 
• Venus Retrograde
Completing her sacred forty-day retrograde journey, to celebrate and adorn yourself with an abundant love omen for the next eight years.

Jewels Of Intuition Event 8.31.2023

$80.00 USD