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The Pearls

. . .

The Pearls Collection is an endeavor that joins the old with the new processes for all of us at the studio. Our production of wearable art objects has always been the nucleus of the WN ethos, and this collection is no exception. In fact, the drive to create with a slower and deeper method is what called it into existence.

These pieces began to be formed due to a rediscovery. Between old strands of black pearls turning up in the studio, to happening upon massive, hand-shaped Baroque pearls while hunting for gems on a buying trip - pearls were appearing in our reality and we began to create.

Wendy crafted the pieces by hand, one of a kind, until each one was dense with the special energy that drives the WN spirit.

At it’s heart, this collection’s simplicity means to radiate a curious elegance that comes from the delicate pearl and the clean geometry of the chains. The pieces can be fundamentally understood as amulets - objects from the ancient world used for protection or to conjure the desires of its wearer. Pearls have traditionally been distinguished for their healing properties.

Our modern idea of the amulet endows each handmade piece with a weighty magic...