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The Amulet Collection

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Amulets have been used throughout history to protect the wearer. The qualities ascribed to them that are passed through lore and legend are meant to keep those who wield them moving through life with mindfulness. The physical object acts as a manifestation of these qualities, and its presence is meant to empower the wearer to embody these same qualities.

Though many argue about the supposed metaphysical properties of gems, there are pieces of research from recent  scientific analysis that can inform us in a modern way about the very real properties of these gems. Take the following with a grain of salt, but it is no secret that gemstones have been honored as powerful natural objects for all of human history.

Nikola Tesla (1856) was a Serbian-American futurist, inventor, electrical engineer, and inventor. His work on crystals is some of the first formal theory written about the metaphysical properties of crystals.

“In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being”

Nikola Tesla, The Problem of Increasing Human Energy, 1900.

What this means to Tesla has to do with an electromagnetic property of matter, which is that energy is expressed in vibrations of electrical current. This results in an electromagnetic field which surrounds any given object, which can be measured.

Crystals are widely used to generate electricity using magnets, and produce a usable electric current in order to power machines. The electromagnetic properties of a crystal are negotiably more useful compared to a regular rock, for instance.

Now, it is hard to say if there is a basis in this regard that can prove to us that crystal healing and the like is nothing more than a placebo effect. The fact remains, however, that crystals have been observed and tested to have special qualities unlike other  inanimate natural objects. 

Combined with modern theory, like Tesla’s, and ancient wisdom, such as Eastern traditions of healing, crystal healing  has a basis for being legitimate to many people who choose to practice it.

The Amulets in our collection are meant to be worn to accompany one and guide them in a spiritual way as well as a logical one.

Each of crystal has been endowed by various cultures with special properties and powers, and by sharing these ideas in an educational format, we hope that people can carry these ideas with them in order to help improve their lives.

A final interesting thought about the properties of crystals has to do with one of their key ingredients: Silicon. Many crystals have a high content of this element. It is known to grow in a spiral shape likened to the spiral of DNA. Some scientists theorize that silicon, and crystals, are where the first DNA and therefore life as we know it, came from.

Silicon is also the primary part in a computer chip that stores information, just like DNA for humans. It is a known fact that information can be stored using Quartz crystals via their silicon content.

Each of our amulets have a brief description about the healing and metaphysical properties ascribed to their respective gemstones.